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SNC-VB632D camera with Dual Light system

The SNC-VB632D bullet-style camera offers round-the-clock monitoring for city centres, transport systems and retail centres to schools and colleges. Its Dual Light system delivers two-way night-time protection, with an infrared illuminator for crisp black & white pictures in total darkness. It’s teamed with a powerful white LED illuminator that’s triggered by movement, capturing Full HD colour images while providing an effective deterrent to intruders.

SNC-VB632D camera with Dual Light system

Effective deterrence, day or night

The SNC-VB632D is a weather-proof, easy to install ‘bullet-type’ security camera that’s ideal for protecting city centres and transport systems, building entrances and perimeters, car parks, retail centres and colleges.

It’s also the first IP camera from Sony to feature a Dual Light system, providing an effective deterrent to intruders while capturing crisp Full HD video images by day or night.

A clear view when darkness falls

When darkness falls, the camera’s on-board infrared (IR) illuminator switches on automatically to capture clear black and white images with an effective range of 30 metres.

Then if there’s movement within its field of view, the SNC-VB632D has another surprising trick to unsettle intruders. A moving object automatically triggers the camera’s integrated white LED illuminator. Lighting the immediate scene over a range of 5m, the illuminator can be spotted clearly from far away. The illuminator’s sudden switch-on also provides a powerful visual warning to unexpected visitors.

At the same time, the camera switches automatically to colour video mode, capturing detail-packed Full HD images at up to a smooth 60fps frame-rate in colour to assure positive identification of the subject.

Better looking pictures, simpler installation

The innovative Dual Light system is combined with Sony’s wide dynamic View-DR technology, ensuring that near and far-away objects are all evenly exposed. As an extra refinement, the camera’s built-in image stabiliser minimises the effects of vibration: for example when the camera’s subject to wind or traffic vibration.

With everything integrated into a single unit – image-stabilised camera, IR illuminator and white LED lighting – installation is simplified to reduce hardware and labour costs.


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