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Enduring brightness: Laser projection with no lamp replacement

Present a better image with 3LCD laser light source projectors.

Enduring brightness: Laser projection with no lamp replacement

Sony’s VPL-FHZ55 and  VPL-FHZ60 3LCD laser projector bring presentations to life with a colour light output of 5,000 lumens, while the VPL-FHZ57 and VPL-FHZ65 achieve an even more impressive 4,100 lumens and the VPL-FHZ700L a staggering 7,000 lumens brightness. Using a laser light source instead of a conventional lamp, all of these projectors combine spectacular image brightness and quality with low lifetime ownership costs. With plenty of installer-friendly features, they’re ideal for integration into a wide range of environments – from boardrooms and lecture theatres to retail stores and visitor attractions.

Bright, detail-packed pictures

The powerful, highly efficient laser light source and 3LCD BrightEra™ panel technology bring impressive brightness and clarity to every presentation. The VPL-FWZ60 and VPL-FHZ60 offer a generous 5,000 lumens colour light output, while the VPL-FWZ65 and VPL-FHZ65 offer a dazzling 6,000 lumens brightness. Even more powerful, the VPL-FHZ700L boosts brightness levels to a spectacular 7,000 lumens. Sony's acclaimed 3LCD BrightEra™ panel technology assures high-contrast images with no colour breaking or rainbow effects, while the Z-Phosphor laser light source ensures detail-packed WUXGA (1920x1200) images (VPL-FHZ60 and VPL-FHZ65). With laser projection by Sony, everything’s clear, bright and true… and impressively natural.

Up to 20,000* hours operation with no maintenance

The advanced laser light source offers a typical 20,000 hours operation, effectively eliminating the need for replacement visits. Synchronised (20,000 hours) filter replacement cycles reduce the need for maintenance trips even further. What’s more, a range of energy-saving features – like Auto Dimming, Auto Brightness, Picture Muting – cut total lifetime ownership costs compared to projectors with a conventional lamp source.

* With Auto Light Dimming feature enabled. Actual hours may vary depending on usage.

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Easy, flexible installation

The VPL-FWZ60, VPL-FHZ60, VPL-FWZ65 and VPL-FHZ65 offer plenty of features for smooth integration into a wide range of corporate, educational, public sector and entertainment environments. With no waiting time for lamps to warm up or cool down, switching on and off is virtually instantaneous. Generous zoom, throw and lens shift adjustments give more flexibility for positioning the projector where you need it: close to ceilings, near the screen or even horizontally offset. 360° free-angle installation capability lets you position the projector on its side or even upside down. Image warping corrects geometry when you’re projecting on curved surfaces, and Edge Blending simplifies creation of stunning super-size displays with multiple projectors.

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