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4K SXRD projectors slash control room costs

US Electricity company ITC Holdings has dramatically reduced costs at its Michigan control room by using ten 4K SXRD projectors to create a 160ft video wall.

4K SXRD projectors slash control room costs

State-of-the-art solution

ITC called on large-scale display experts Immersion Graphics Inc. for a state-of-the art solution to monitor graphical data about its 15,000-circuit mile grid, supplying 25 billion watts of energy to over 13 million customers in five states.

Ultra-high resolution

A 160ft by 10.5ft video wall displays real-time graphical data to control room operators, using ten ultra-high resolution 4K SRX -S110 projectors – now succeeded by our SRX -T110 model. It provides 88-million-pixel detail and 10,000 ANSI lumens brightness.

ITC’s director of facilities, Joe Bennett said: “It enables us to efficiently monitor the entire grid, in real time. Operators are fed time-sensitive data displayed by the Sony
projectors in ultra-high resolution 24/7, so they can manage any critical issue that arises.”

“A cost saving of over 70%”

Typically multiple rear projection video cubes are used, but for a screen this size the number of cubes needed makes it impractical. Using SXRD projectors for this caliber of system is a change in the fundamentals of control room design.

At four times the resolution of HD, IGI selected the 4K SXRD projectors for their advanced performance, rich colour reproduction and exceptionally deep blacks. IGI President Pat Hernandez added, “We estimate that using Sony SXRD projectors resulted in a cost saving of over 70% for ITC.

Up to the challenge

Looking ahead to future projects, Sony’s SXRD Marketing Manager said, “This is another example of Sony’s 4K technology proving it’s more than up to the challenge of today’s demanding visualisation and simulation requirements. We expect to see many more projects like this in government and the private sector.”

The SRX-T110 is has been regarded as one of the most advanced visualization systems in the industry in recent years. Our SRX-T615 at 18,000 lumens and SRX-T420 at 21,000 lumens offer even greater brightness for a wide range of industrial applications such as manufacturing as well as high-impact visuals for visitor attractions like theme parks and planetariums.

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