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Sony 3D gives a new dimension of medical detail

From image acquisition to display, storage and presentation, Sony offers a range purpose-designed products that help clinicians capture and share 3D medical content with clarity and precision.

Sony 3D gives a new dimension of medical detail

MCC-3000MT Full HD 3D Medical Video Camera

The MCC-3000MT consists of two compact camera heads plus a CCU (Camera Control Unit). Image quality is assured by precision Exmor™ Full HD CMOS sensors in each camera head, for detail-packed 3D images with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range.

3D images can be shared with other consultants, teaching staff and students using a monitor such as the Sony LMD-2451MT or LMD-3251MT. Video can also be captured for analysis, sharing and review with the HVO-3000MT 3D medical recorder.

HVO-3000MT 3D HD Medical Video Recorder

This medical grade video recorder can record and playback High Definition images in 3D as well as 2D. HD video from the MCC-3000MT 3D medical camera is stored on the recorder’s internal hard disk drive.

Recorded video can also be shared with other clinicians and students via Blu-ray Disc™, DVD or USB media.

LMD-3251MT 32-inch 3D LCD Medical Monitor

Connected to the MCC-3000MT 3D camera system or HVO-3000MT 3D video recorder, this 32-inch Full HD monitor displays high-resolution images that are viewed by surgeons and OR staff wearing light, comfortable passive 3D glasses.

Compliant with medical safety standards for operating room use, the LMD-3251MT is also ideal for other environments where high quality 3D viewing is desired, from consulting rooms to conference halls and training suites.

LMD-2451MT 24-inch 3D LCD Medical Monitor

This 24-inch 3D monitor shares many of the features of the larger LMD-3251MT. The wide WUXGA (1920x1200) LCD panel offers excellent image brightness and contrast, with Sony’s unique ChromaTRU technology assuring high levels of colour accuracy and consistency.

HMS-3000MT 3D Head Mounted Display System

Providing a uniquely immersive view of intricate surgical procedures inside the body, this Head Mount Display offers a 3D colour video display of images from surgical endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible 3D medical imaging systems. An additional headset can be connected for simultaneous viewing by another surgeon or OR assistant.

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