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Software: PXW-FS7 : Binary Package V3.00

January 26, 2016
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New Features & Improvements:

1.) Focus Magnification function is improved.
- Support for magnification area position adjustment
- Magnification resolution improvement
2.) Support for “2K Full”, “2K Center” setting in Image Scan Mode
3.) Support for Interval Recording function
4.) Expand lowest value of Zebra level to 0%
5.) Support for Noise Suppression setting in Cine EI mode
6.) Video Signal Monitor usability is improved.
7.) The operability of “Iris setting” using the “Iris dial” and the “assignable dial” is improved.
8.) FS-RAW image quality and operation stability improvement
9.) Overall stability and operability of the camera is improved

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Item Size Additional Info  
PXW-FS7 V3.00 Manual 4.64 MB - Download
PXW-FS7 V3.00 Binary Package 100 MB - Download
PXW-FS7 V3.00 Update Manual 1.13 MB - Download