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High Definition Videoconferencing System

This powerful yet easy-to-use HD videoconferencing system offers superb picture and sound quality, plus versatile collaboration tools and flexible configuration.

Smoothly detailed HD (720p) images at up to 60 fps make the PCS-XG77H ideal for a wide range of virtual meeting and distance learning applications.

Crystal-clear pictures from the PTZ camera (not included with PCS-XG77S) are complemented by clear, natural sounding audio. ‘Dual stream’ video and PC presentations can be shared seamlessly with remote locations at 30 fps.

See camera images plus PC presentations on one or two connected video monitors with a generous choice of screen layout options.

The optional integrated MCU allows multi-point conferences over IP & ISDN between up to six sites via a simple software option installation. What’s more, two PCS-XG77H systems can be cascaded without additional hardware to link 10 sites simultaneously.

HD conferences can be recorded to USB memory for easy sharing and review.

Set-up is refreshingly straightforward, with quick booting so you’re ready for business even faster. Operation is easy, too: just select a contact using the supplied remote commander to launch your conference at a touch.

Also available as PCS-XG77S ‘codec only’ version (without PTZ camera).

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Range Guide Summer 2017

Range Guide Summer 2017

Datasheet : PCS-XG77H/100H/77S/100S (EN)

Datasheet : PCS-XG77H/100H/77S/100S (EN)

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