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Small lightweight monochrome analogue machine vision video camera module (1/3” EIA)

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The new XC-ST Series of compact black and white camera modules offers high picture quality and excellent sensitivity. It incorporates the latest generation of CCD image sensors. The XC-ST70/CE features a 2/3-inch IT Hyper HAD CCD, the XC-ST50/CE a 1/2-inch IT HAD CCD and the XC-ST30/CE a 1/3-inch IT HAD CCD.
The XC-ST Series is easy to operate, with all switch settings on the rear panel. Their flexible controls and compact size easily facilitate system integration. Excellent images of fast moving objects can be captured with the built-in electronic trigger shutter. The XC-ST Series is well suited for demanding applications in industry, microscopy and machine vision.
The recommended camera adapter for the XC-ST Series is the compact and lightweight DC-700/CE.

  • Versatile

    The XC-ST Series is well suited for general purpose machine vision or microscopy. It offers high sensitivity using 2/3”, 1/2" and 1/3" IT CCDs, flexible trigger shutter functions (including simple trigger with internally generated HD/VD and WEN), electronic shutter function (1/100 to 1/10,000 s) and many other features

  • Easy to install and operate

    The cameras offer easy installation in tight places, industry standard C-mount, EIAJ standard 12 pin cable for signal and power, BNC standard video out, ease of interchange between modules and more. All camera control switches are accessible from the outside of the camera. Low power consumption that generates less heat and full compliance with EU CE/EMC regulations make the XC-ST Series very easy to apply.

  • Reliable

    The XC-ST Series offer excellent vibration and shock characteristics (10G (20 ~ 200 Hz) / 70G) and an impressive MTBF of 70,000 hours.

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