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Miniature cardioid directional lapel Electret condenser microphone

The ECM-66B miniature, lapel microphone is suitable for voice and musical instrument pick-up in noisy environments. The cardioid polar response allows the microphone to be positioned for picking up the sound source while rejecting background noises. It is supplied with a integral power barrel and it is terminated with an XLR connector.

  • Hands Free microphone

    As a lapel microphone, the ECM-66B is an alternative to the traditional hand held microphone and being 'hands free' it allows the presenter to concentrate on her/his performance.

  • Simple to use in public address systems.

    As a cardioid polar response microphone, the ECM-66B can help to reduce the potential problem of microphone 'howl round'. The alternative omni-directional microphones are more prone to creating audio feedback loops.

  • Versatile performance

    The ECM-66B has an extended frequency response and high SPL handling, making it highly versatile.

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