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1/2.88-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor NXCAM AVCHD camcorder recording full HD

Experience incredible imaging performance for such a compact camcorder, with up to 6 hours Full HD recording on a 64GB internal memory and more on optional memory card.

The HXR-MC50E features a high resolution Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor. This new Sensor developed by Sony captures amazing, Full HD video with superb contrast, rich colours and less picture noise.

With the HXR-MC50E you’ll see the difference in every shot, especially in those all important situations where lighting cannot be controlled.

The HXR-MC50E is equipped with Optical SteadyShot Active Mode anti-shake technology which means you can capture steady, smooth, high-quality content with your camcorder, even when moving or zooming in or out.

With exceptional optical technologies and many advanced user features for such a compact camcorder, the HXR-MC50E is perfect for a wide range of professional applications allowing you to capture high quality content in the smallest of form factors.

  • Excellent low light performance

    Many compact camcorders struggle in low light, producing grainy images. Super sensitive Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor reduces image noise for clearer images. In conjunction with the powerful BIONZ processor you’ll get great results in low light, idea for corporate and event videography where light conditions cannot necessarily be controlled.

  • Outstanding wide angle shooting.

    Shooting in tight situations needs the flexibility of a wide angle lens. The high quality G Lens by Sony now features enhanced wide angle performance of 29.8mm (35mm equivalent), meaning an additional wide angle adaptor may not be necessary, reducing the weight of the camcorder.

  • Steady shooting without additional grip equipment

    Documentary and video diary productions are often shot hand-held by non-craft camera operators. New Optical SteadyShot Active Mode delivers best-ever ‘3-way’ camera shake correction at all zoom settings, even when you’re walking along. In wide angle position, you’ll enjoy up to ten times improved anti-shake performance ideal for delivering watchable content in different shooting conditions.

  • Take control

    For the more experienced camera operators, there's a manual settings dial for extra control, large XtraFine LCD and view finder to frame shots precisely, and a supplied external shotgun microphone for professional audio.

  • High Quality Full HD pictures

    FX Mode captures detail-packed 1920x1080/50i video at a full 24Mbps – the highest bit-rate specified by the AVCHD format.

  • Professional Camcorder for Professional Users

    The HXR-MC50E features a professional design with the same cosmetic finish as the HXR-NX5E, giving the product a high-quality, professional look, whilst still being able to pass for a consumer camcorder for covert recording in documentary applications.

    It also benefits from a range of supplied professional accessories including a large Lens Hood, an ECM Shotgun Microphone with holder and a high capacity battery – ideally suited to the specific needs and applications of the professional user.

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HXR-MC50E Digital HD Video Camera Recorder

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