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HDV compact recorder with native progressive recording

New flexibility, new features, new opportunities

The HVR-M35E is the flagship of our compact HDV VTR range with unrivalled production flexibility due to its support for a huge range of HDV/DVCAM/DV formats - making it ideal for inclusion in any workflow based on these formats. Whatever your requirements today or tomorrow, the HVR-M35E is designed to be your perfect partner.

A key feature of the HVR-M35E is its compatibility with HDV native progressive recording on the new HVR-Z7E and HVR-S270E camcorders. It also supports playback of 720P HDV material and provides an HD/SD-SDI output with embedded audio and TC data. A high resolution LCD screen in the front panel provides for easy monitoring whatever your production set-up.

The HVR-M35E is the ultimate in workflow flexibility for both HDV and DVCAM users.

As with all HDV products, the HVR-M35E has the added benefit of 2 year Silver Support warranty - providing additional piece of mind.

  • Unique flexibility (including new HDV Progressive modes)

    The HVR-M35E is the ultimate in HDV/DVCAM/DV production flexibility with support for all of the below formats, including the native HDV progressive recording mode introduced with the HVR-Z7E and HVR-S270, as well the progressive scan mode of the HVR-V1E.

    • 1080 50i/60i, 24p/25p/30p HDV formats
    • 720P HDV format playback* (although not through i.Link)
    • NTSC/ PAL DV/DVCAM formats

  • Flexible Inputs and Outputs

    The HVR-M35E offers the most comprehensive I/O available at this price point including support for the new 4 audio channel HDV specification on the new HVR-Z7E and HVR-S270E.

    • NEW HD/SD
    • SDI output for use with dubbing to other HD or SD tape formats.
    • NEW access to 4 channel XLR audio outputs.
    • Access to 4 channel audio inputs via Phono.

  • An affordable way to enjoy High Definition

    Through the HDV format Sony's HVR-M35E allows you to playback and record High Definition pictures on a standard DV format cassette - providing both a highly cost effective format and full 1080 line resolution.

  • Watch as you work

    Excellent picture reproduction for viewing and cuing up tapes with the added benefit of audio.

    • No need for an external picture monitor.
    • Ease of use for reviewing content.

  • Easy integration with the way you already work

    Continuity of Workflow can be very important. Enjoying the benefits of the HVR-M35E does not mean that you need to change the way you work. Like DVCAM VTR's, a full range of connectivity is available for external devices including Composite In/Out, S-Video In/Out, Component Out and i.LINK (IEEE1394). In addition, you can choose to convert your HDV footage with the in-built down-converter to output in Standard Definition if required.

  • A comprehensive support service

    Just like the rest of the HDV range, the HVR-M35E benefits from two years Silver Support warranty as standard providing a unique after-sales care programme offering enhanced support and service.

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