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Fast, flexible, collaborative non-linear editing for workgroups

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Collaborate easily and cost-effectively with the team-oriented NLE that’s a perfect companion for XDCAM and other major broadcast and professional formats.

XPRI Team is a power-packed non-linear editing (NLE) environment for Windows that’s perfect for the needs of small collaborative workgroups – from just two editing seats to a busy production suite or mobile shared editing environment. Uniquely flexible and easy to use, XPRI Team builds on the proven agility and cost-efficiency of XPRI NS.

Ideal for news, sports, magazine programmes, event production and other high-end editing tasks, XPRI Team puts fast, intuitive editing into the hands of freelancers, journalists and craft editors alike.

XPRI Team scales readily and cost effectively for multiple users to enable true collaborative editing and easy project sharing. There are no costly servers or extra hardware needed: simply network client stations and away you go. You can also extend the system’s capabilities by adding low-cost shared storage to enhance capacity and performance.

Resilient, responsive and reassuringly stable, XPRI Team is a self-contained per-client software application that runs on standard PC hardware. With no costly recurring licenses needed, XPRI Team provides an exceptionally attractive environment that scales readily from two edit seats to larger collaborative teams.

Fast, simple workflow comes first with XPRI Team – cutting training requirements and driving down ownership costs even further. It’s easy to personalise the intuitive GUI to suit any editing style. Customise buttons and keyboard shortcuts; then size and place source viewer, master viewer, timeline and other windows. Edit intuitively with PC and mouse, or add optional hardware controllers for jog/shuttle, effects control and audio faders.

Uniquely for a NLE at this price-point, XPRI Team allows multiple users to edit during ingest from HD/SDI sources across the team network, with support for a wide range of other file-based formats. The editor’s built-in ON AIR function also allows immediate playout of an edited package from the timeline without the need for third-party hardware or software.

As your needs grow even further, XPRI Team also offers the perfect entry point to larger-scale network production workflows. Migrate step-by-step to the benefits of Sonaps using XPRI Team within a larger Sonaps system, protecting your initial investment by re-using all the hardware and software.

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