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Media Backbone NavigatorX

Content Management and Workflow Solution

Your content’s valuable, maximizing its potential is priceless. Media Backbone NavigatorX is the powerful, yet affordable content management and workflow solution that’s a perfect fit for today’s smaller and medium sized production environments. Media Backbone NavigatorX orchestrates all phases of your content workflow – from ingest, catalogue and editing to review, approvals, distribution and archive.
Uniquely flexible and effortlessly scalable, it’s ideal for single-seat users and larger workgroups alike. Better still, Media Backbone NavigatorX offers top-flight performance at a fraction the cost of other less capable Media Asset Management.

  • Simple and Intuitive

    Intuitive GUI operation without the need for extensive training.
    Use standard web browsers without the need to install special software and plugins.
    Powerful and simple-to-use search function.
    Quick and easy proxy video preview.

  • Flexible and Open

    Any file type, including video and non-video, can be imported.
    Wide range of video formats can be imported from SD, HD and 4K.
    Interfaces for integrations with external systems, like Archive, Non linear Editors, and Transcoders.

  • Affordable and Expandable

    Affordable pricing even for single users.
    Flexible server platform selection based on different bandwidth requirements.
    Easy upgrade path for user license and device licenses for expansion of system and features.

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